Finding the perfect urn size: Honoring your loved one's memory, one dimension at a time.

Finding the perfect urn size: Honoring your loved one's memory, one dimension at a time.

Determining the right size urn for your needs can depend on several factors. To decide what size urn you need, consider the following:

  1. Cremated Remains Volume: The primary factor in selecting an urn size is the volume of cremated remains you have. On average, one pound of body weight is often estimated to produce around 1 cubic inch of cremated remains. For example, if your loved one weighed 150 pounds, you might have approximately 150 cubic inches of remains. Make sure the urn can accommodate the entire volume comfortably.

  2. Type of Urn: The type of urn you choose can also affect the size. Some urns are designed to hold all of the ashes, while others may be intended for a portion of the remains. Make sure to select an urn that is explicitly designed for your specific needs.

  3. Personal Preferences: Consider your personal preferences and any special items or mementos you wish to include in the urn. Larger urns may provide more space for customization or personalization.

  4. Display Location: Think about where you plan to keep or display the urn. Smaller urns are ideal for shelves, mantels, or bedside tables, while larger ones can serve as centerpieces or focal points.

  5. Portability: If you plan to transport the urn for a scattering ceremony or to keep it close to you, consider the size and weight of the urn for convenience and ease of handling.

  6. Cultural or Religious Considerations: Some cultures and religions have specific guidelines for urn size and design. Be mindful of any requirements based on your cultural or religious beliefs.

It's essential to measure the volume of the cremated remains accurately and consult with the urn provider for guidance in selecting the right size. They can offer you a range of options and help you choose the most appropriate urn to honor your loved one's memory.


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