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Personalized Ashes Urn – Ceramic – White – For Infant, Baby, Child, Pet or Partial Adult Ashes up to 50lbs – Personalize with Name, Date and Footprints

PERSONALIZED ASHES URN – keep and cherish a loved ones ashes in our beautiful cremation urns. Just because they have passed doesn’t mean you can’t keep them close. By storing their cremated ashes in the urn, you are keeping them safe in a decorative piece you can cherish for years to come

 SIZE INFORMATION – measuring 4 inches x 4 inches x 6 ¼ inches, our small urns for human ashes are 4 sided and come with a ceramic lid. It is a thoughtful décor piece which you can display as you wish to keep your departed loved one close-by 

HIGH-QUALITY FINISH – we know how important it is to do a good job in honouring a lost loved one which is why we work hard to ensure your ashes container is finished to the highest standard. To personalize your urn simply supply a picture of their footprint along with their name and the date of their passing at the time of ordering so we can add them to the finished piece. A sepia effect will then be added to provide a vintage look

SUITABLE FOR A RANGE OF AGES – our memorial urns are designed for babies, children, infants and toddler ashes but can be used for partial adults ashes too (weighing up to 50lbs). Ideal if you and your family members want to separately keep a parent, sibling or grandparents ashes. Due to the size of the urn, it can also be used to store ashes of any pet up to 50lbs including dogs, cats and smaller pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, reptiles, rodents and more 

INCLUDES CREMATION BAG – every urn includes a cremation bag for the safekeeping and protection of the ashes. Please note we deliver the urn ready to be filled, it is your responsibility to add the ashes when ready

Practical and decorative 
We have made sure that our ceramic urns are suitable for any home decor design and style. The white ceramic is covered with a glaze once your personalized details have been added. You can add their footprint, their name and even the date of their passing if you wish. Designed to be free-standing, it can sit on a shelf, ledge, table or sideboard in pride of place to brighten up any room and serve as a reminder of those precious memories you cherish so much.

Hand finished ceramic urn

I create each custom and personalized pottery urn with great care to honor the cremated remains of your loved one.

A thoughtful gift for a loved one

If you have a friend or family member who is mourning the loss of someone close, then why not gift them a personalized urn which can be customized with a name and footprint? It is difficult to know what to say and do when someone close is grieving but a special gift such as our urn can ensure your friend or relative keeps their family member close even though they have passed away.

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